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June 28, 2012

Mitutoyo Corporation Signs OEM Contract with Digital Surf for 3D Surface Characteristic Analysis Software

As of February 24, 2012, Mitutoyo Corporation (Headquarters: Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan; President: Toru Nakagawa) has signed an OEM contract with Digital Surf (located in Besançon, France) whereby Digital Surf will provide Mitutoyo with MountainsMap, which is a software application built on Digital Surf's Mountains Technology®, under the Mitutoyo product name of "MCubeMap" for use in Mitutoyo products such as the Formtracer Extreme series of CNC contour measuring instruments. Within Japan, sales of products using this software will begin in autumn of this year.


In recent years, with the increase in functionality of industrial products, the functionality of component surfaces has come to play a major role in the performance of products. Consequently, in addition to traditional contour evaluations, the ability to determine surface functionality from the contour of surfaces has become an absolute necessity.


In order to provide this capability to our customers as soon as possible, Mitutoyo Corporation has integrated the Mountains software technology marketed by Digital Surf, a company that develops and markets products that make it possible to perform ISO-standard certified 3D-surface-characteristic analyses.


"MCubeMap" has an intuitive user interface that enables easy visualization of the surface roughness and form of the surface under investigation. Additionally, this software provides a wider range of solutions such as the ability to easily create multi-page reports containing the results of surface analyses. Analysis results can be viewed in 3D, in real time, from any desired display angle and at practically any magnification.


The characteristic analysis feature is one of the greatest merits of "MCubeMap." This capability enables ISO 25178 3D parameters that connect advanced filtering techniques for surface roughness and waviness based on ISO 16610, the latest standard, and geometrical analysis such as distance, angle, area, volume, thickness, and step height to be implemented. Each surface measurement report contains a highly detailed tuning feature and a hierarchical analysis workflow that provides complete measurement traceability. What's more, this software improves analysis efficiency by automating the repeat-measurement workflow.


At the present time, "MCubeMap" can be installed on the Mitutoyo CNC contour measuring systems Surftest Extreme SV-3000CNC and Formtracer Extreme CS-5000CNC. There are plans to make this software available for use on other Mitutoyo instruments in the future, including the non-contact 3D measuring system Quick Vision WLI series.






Founded in 1989, Digital Surf is a software developer that specializes in the development of surface analysis software for a wide variety of measuring instruments such as 2D and 3D surface measuring instruments, optical microscopes, and scanning probe microscopes.

Imaging and analysis software based on Digital Surf's Mountains Technology® is used by the market's leading machinery manufacturers. Digital Surf's software is currently being used by thousands of laboratories and in a great number of industries such as the aeronautics, automobile, cosmetics, energy, MEMS, material research, medical, metals, nanostructures, optics, paper manufacturing, PCB, plastics, polymers, printing, and semiconductor industries.