U-WAVEPAK-BM is free communication software which is to be used with U-WAVE-TCB/TMB for measurement data transmission from measuring instruments to smartphones/tablets.
Please note that Mitutoyo may at any time decide to terminate this offering of U-WAVEPAK-BM without any prior notice. As U-WAVEPAK-BM is offered free-of-charge, it is not covered by any warranty from Mitutoyo. For this reason, no user support is provided either.
U-WAVEPAK-BM may be used with the following products:
U-WAVE-TCB IP67 type (C/N: 264-624)
U-WAVE-TCB buzzer type (C/N: 264-625)
U-WAVE-TMB IP67 type (C/N: 264-626)
U-WAVE-TMB buzzer type (C/N: 264-627)
Download the app here
Download the User's manual of U-WAVEPAK-BM here