N-7NCoordinate Measuring MachinesPrecision measuring technology with three dimensionsMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.High Accuracy CNC CMMMICROCORD STRATO-Apex 500/700 Series• The STRATO-Apex series is high-accuracy CNC CMMs. The series guarantees high accuracy and also high moving speed and acceleration achieved with improved rigid air bearings on all axial guideways. • The scale systems on Mitutoyo high-precision models utilizes a high-performance linear encoder (manufactured by Mitutoyo), for detecting axis position. In addition, various technologies have been utilized in the structure, part processing, and assembly to provide high accuracy measure-ment.Refer to the STRATO-Apex Series leaet (Catalog No.E16001) for more details.Model Items STRATO-Apex 574STRATO-Apex 776STRATO-Apex 7106Measuring rangeX axis500mm700mmY axis700mm700mm1000mmZ axis400mm600mmMeasuring methodLinear encoderDrive speedCNC MODEDrive speed: From 8 to 300mm/s for each axis (maximum combined speed: 519mm/s)Measuring speed 1 to 3mm/sJ/S MODEDrive speed 0 to 80mm/sMeasuring speed 0 to 3mm/sFine-positioning speed 0.05mm/sDrive acceleration1,330 mm/s2 for each axis (maximum combined acceleration: 2,310 mm/s2)1500mm/s2 for each axis (maximum combined speed: 2598mm/s2)Resolution0.00005mm (0.05µm)0.00002mm (0.02µm)Guaranteed accuracy temperature environmentRange18 to 22°C19 to 21°CRate of changePer hour1.0°CIn 24 hours2.0°CGradientvertical/horizontal1 °C or less per meterGuide methodAir bearings on all axes (static pressure air bearings) Measuring tableMaterialGraniteSize (table surface)676×1420mm880×1420mm880×1720mmTapped insertM8×1.25Maximum measurable height560mm770mmMaximum table loading180kg500kg800kgMass (including the vibration-damping platform and controller)1530kg1895kg2180kgPower supply specifications (including the probe option interface)Power supply voltage: AC100-120/200-240V ±10%; power supply capacity: 700 W(of which 170 W is used for the probe option interface)Air supplyPressure0.4 MPaConsumption60L/min under normal conditions (air source: At least 120L/min)Note: While the appearance of the natural stone measuring table varies according to the source, the high stability for which this material is known can always be relied upon.SPECIFICATIONSSTRATO-Apex 776STRATO-Apex 574• Floor vibration at the installation location, can be a source of variations in measured values. The auto-leveling air spring vibration isolator is equipped as standard for 700 Series and an option for model 574. The vibration isolator insulates the main unit from oor vibrations and can quickly levels the CMM main unit, using a sensor that detects load uctuations caused by axis movement of the CMM or workpiece loading.• All STRATO-Apex high-precision series CMM's are equipped with temperature compensation and therefore do not require a temperature controlled room. Accuracy is guaranteed within the range of 19 to 21°C for 700 Series and the range of 18 to 22°C for 574 model.STRATO-Apex 574 Length measurement error Unit: μmSTRATO-Apex 700 Series Length measurement error Unit: μmStandardProbe usedMax. permissible length measurement error ISO 10360-2: 2009SP25M E0, MPE=0.7+2.5L/1000E150, MPE=0.7+2.5L/1000StandardProbe usedMax. permissible length measurement error ISO 10360-2: 2009SP25M E0, MPE=0.9+2.5L/1000E150, MPE=0.9+2.5L/1000* L=Measuring length (unit: mm)


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