M-5MHardness Testing MachinesStart quality control from the material — Mitutoyo's hardness testing machines can handle itMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.HV-100SERIES 810 — Vickers Hardness Testing MachinesOptional Accessories810-037: Round table (Diameter: 180mm)810-038: Round table (Diameter: 250mm)810-040: V-anvil (large) (Diameter:40mm, Groove width:30mm)810-041: V-anvil (small) (Diameter:40mm, Groove width:6mm)810-423: Manual XY stage 50x50mm19BAA011: Hardness standard block 200HV19BAA012: Hardness standard block 300HV19BAA013: Hardness standard block 400HV19BAA014: Hardness standard block 500HV19BAA015: Hardness standard block 600HV19BAA016: Hardness standard block 700HV19BAA017: Hardness standard block 800HV19BAA018: Hardness standard block 900HV11AAC702: Stand for testing machine11AAC719: Vibration isolator810-644: Wing for vibration isolator (11AAC719)998923: System rack (vertical)An inspection certicate is supplied as standard. Refer to page X for details.Refer to the Hardness Testing Machines (Catalog No. E17001) for more details.SPECIFICATIONSOrder No.810-440, 810-443810-445, 810-448810-160ModelHV-110HV-120AVK-C0Applicable standardsJIS B 7725, ISO 6507-2Test forceN9.80719.6129.4249.032.9424.9039.80724.519.80749.0398.07245.2(kgf)12350.30.512.5151025N98.07196.1294.2490.349.0398.07196.1294.2490.3ーーー(kgf)10203050510203050ーーーTest force controlLever method and automatic control (load, duration, unload)Lever method and automatic control (load, duration, unload)Objective lensUp to 3 pcs. mountable (one standard lens 10X mounted as standard)10X for measurementResolution of diagonal length of an indentationObjective lens less than 50X: 0.1μm (Objective lens more than 50X: 0.01μm)1μmTurret driveMotor driven and manual operationManual switchingSpecimen dimensionsSystem A: height 210mm, depth 170mm (when using at anvil) System B: height 181mm, depth 170mm (when using manual XY stage 50X50mm) System C: height 172mm, depth 170mm, System D: height 132mm, depth 170mm Height 205mm, depth 165mm (when using at anvil) Control panelBuilt-in touch panel, 5.7" Color LCD (HM-110A/120A for System A), Control software (PC for System B/C/D) ーFunctions*1Calculation of Vickers / Knoop*2 / Brinell*3 hardness, and ceramic fracture toughness based on IF method (JIS R1697),3 display format (standard, list, simple), GO/NG judgment, test condition guide, curve and user correction, hardness corresponding value, statistics calculationーOutputDigimatic, serial, USB2.0 series A (for memory)*1, USB2.0 B Type (for system communication)ーExternal dimensions (excluding protrusions and stage)System A: 307(W)×696(D)×786(H)mmSystem B/C/D: 307(W)×627(D)×875(H)mm210(W)×580(D)×705(H)mmMain unit massHV-110: Approx. 60kg, HV-120: Approx. 58kgApprox. 49kgPower supply (main unit)AC100V 50/60HzSystem A: 24W System B/C/D: 22WAC100V 50/60HzApprox. 45WPower supply*4 (Control unit)AC100V 50/60Hz 67Wー*810-440, 810-445: System A, 810-443, 810-448: System B/C/D*1: Functions for System A.*2: For Knoop hardness test, Knoop indenter (optional) is required. *3: For Brinell hardness test, Brinell indenter (optional) and additional weight is required. *4: Supplied only for System C/D. •Vickers hardness testers have a wide application in testing metals, especially small heat-treated parts, and are also suitable for making special-purpose tests such as carburized case hardness, maximum hardness of spot welds, high-temperature hardness, and fracture toughness of ceramic materials.•Objective lenses specically developed for hardness testing are supplied. A clear and natural view of an indentation is achieved by changing the light source of the illumination from halogen to LED.•A new 2X lens for wide-angle observation has been added to the range. Now, magnications of 10X, 20X, 50X and 100X for observation and gaging; and 5X and 2X for observation are available.Also, the working distance is doubled (5.9 to 11.8mm) for the 10X objective lens (in-house comparison) to minimize the risk of collision between the workpiece and the lens.•In addition to Vickers hardness testing, fracture toughness tests (IF Method: JIS R 1607) and other tests can be performed with optional accessories such as a Knoop indenter and additional indenters and a weight for Micro Brinell testing.•Four systems are available: Basic model A; model B equipped with automatic indentation reading function; model C equipped with automatic indentation reading function and automatic XY stage; model D equipped with automatic indentation reading function, automatic XY stage, and auto-focus stage. System A (HV-110A/120A)


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