L-40LMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.Optional AccessoriesSERIES 211 — Roundness/Cylindricity Measuring SystemsStyli for RA-H5200 and RA-2200/1600/120/120P/10For RA-H5200CNC and RA-2200CNC, refer to page L-41.Item nameStandard stylus (standard accessory) Stylus for notched workpieceStylus for grooveStylus for cornerStylus for removing asperityOrder No.12AAL02112AAL02212AAL02312AAL02412AAL025 Tip shapeø1.6mm Carbideø3mm CarbideSR0.25mm SapphireSR0.25mm SapphireCarbideDimensions (mm)66ø45.5ø1.6 tungsten carbide66ø47ø3 tungsten carbide105°66.7ø49.57.8SR0.25(sapphire)150°66ø49.5SR0.25(sapphire)105°66.7ø40.5ø29.5 R15R1Item name3X-long type *13X-long type for deep groove *1M2 stylus shankM2 stylus shank (standard groove)M2 stylus shank (2X-long groove) *1Order No.12AAL04112AAL04212AAL04312AAL04412AAL045Tip shapeø1.6mm CarbideSR0.25mm SapphireFor mounting CMM stylus(mounting thread M2)For mounting CMM stylus(mounting thread M2)For mounting CMM stylus(mounting thread M2)Dimensions (mm)226ø45.5ø1.6 tungsten carbide226ø43.5SR0.25(sapphire)56ø4M2, depth 566ø43.5M2146ø43.5M2*1: Measuring is only possible in the vertical direction. Not available for RA-10, RA-120, and RA-120P.Note: The general-purpose 5 styli set (Order No. 12AAL020) is also available (for notched workpiece, for deep groove, small hole (ø1.0), ø1.6 ball, and 2X).Ball stylus (ruby ball tip, M2 mounting thread)FormD(mm)d(mm)ℓ(mm)Mass (g)Order No.ø0.5ø0.343.00.306ABN752ø0.7ø0.54.00.306ABN753ø1.0ø0.74.50.306ABN754ø1.5ø0.74.50.306ABN758ø2.0ø1.06.00.306ABN761ø3.0ø1.57.50.406ABN769ø4.0ø1.510.00.406ABN774ø5.0ø2.510.00.706ABN780ø6.0ø2.510.00.906ABN78610101010101010101011ø8.0ø2.511.01.506ABN788Item name2X-long type for notch *12X-long type for deep groove *12X-long type for corner *12X-long type for removing cutter mark *12X-long type for small hole *1Order No.12AAL03612AAL03712AAL03812AAL03912AAL040Tip shapeø3mm CarbideSR0.25mm SapphireSR0.25mm SapphireCarbideø1mm CarbideDimensions (mm)146ø47ø3 tungsten carbide105°146.3ø49.57.8SR0.25(sapphire)150°145.9ø49.5SR0.25(sapphire)105°146.3ø40.59.5ø2 R15R1146ø4ø1 tungsten carbideStylusThis is a stylus for CMM which is equipped with the tip of the stylus shank (Order No. 12AAL043/12AAL44/12AAL045).φDM2×0.4φdℓItem nameStylus for small hole (ø0.8)Stylus for small hole (ø1.0)Stylus for small hole (ø1.6)Stylus for extra small hole (depth 3mm)ø1.6 ball stylusOrder No.12AAL02612AAL02712AAL02812AAL02912AAL030Tip shapeø0.8mm Carbideø1mm Carbideø1.6mm Carbideø0.5mm Carbideø1.6mm CarbideDimensions (mm)66ø412ø0.8 tungsten carbide66ø4ø1 tungsten carbide66ø1.2ø4.540ø1.6 tungsten carbide66ø43ø0.5 tungsten carbide66ø420ø1.6 tungsten carbideItem nameDisk stylusCrank stylus (ø0.5)Crank stylus (ø1.0)Stylus for atness measurement2X-long type stylus *1Order No.12AAL03112AAL03212AAL03312AAL03412AAL035Tip shapeø12mm Carbideø0.5mm Carbide (depth 2.5mm)ø1mm Carbide (depth 5.5mm)Carbideø1.6mm CarbideDimensions (mm)66ø40.5ø12ø42.5ø0.5 tungsten carbide6666ø45.5ø1 tungsten carbide66ø4ø250.5R1146ø45.5ø1.6 tungsten carbide


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