L-36LMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.Roundtest RA-2200SERIES 211 — Roundness/Cylindricity Measuring SystemRA-2200ASSystem vibration isolator (monitor arm type)** Printer table (provided by the customer) not shown.RA-2200ASSystem vibration isolator (with side table)•Highly accurate and easy-to-use turntableThe rotational accuracy in the radial direction is better than 0.02+3.5H/10000µm, and in the axial direction 0.02+3.5X/10000µm is achieved. High accuracy measurement of not only roundness or cylindricity but also atness is assured. A turntable with an automatic centering and leveling function is adopted for RA-2200AS/AH as a standard feature, which frees operators from manual centering and leveling operations. Furthermore, for the RA-2200DS/DH models, a guidance system is incorporated as a standard feature help untrained operators perform centering and leveling simply and smoothly.•Greater productivity achieved by continuous inside/outside diameter measurementBoth the ID and OD of a workpiece*1 can be traced in succession without changing the detector traverse direction. *1: Up to ID ø50mm.•Sliding detector holder is equipped as standardA sliding mechanism is incorporated in the detector holder. It enables one-touch measurement of a workpiece with a deep hole having a thick wall, which has been difcult with the standard detector. To perform measurement, the contact point can be positioned higher than the workpiece, and then the detector holder is simply lowered. Furthermore, internal/outside diameters can be easily measured with the continuous ID/OD measurement function.•Positioning sensor equipped to enable high accuracy repetitive measurementA Mitutoyo linear scale is used in the X-axis drive unit to directly detect the position of the drive unit. It guarantees the highly precise positioning vital for repetitive measurement.•Safety mechanism provided as a standard featureA collision-sensing function is equipped in the detector unit (when it is in the vertical orientation) to prevent a damaging collision in the Z direction. Additionally, an overrun prevention function is equipped, which stops the system when the detector displacement exceeds its range.Refer to the Roundtest RA-2200 series (Catalog No.E4385) for more details.SPECIFICATIONSModel No.RA-2200ASRA-2200DSRA-2200AHRA-2200DHTurntableRotational accuracy(JIS B 7451-1997)Radial direction(0.02+3.5H/10000)µm H: Probing height (mm)Axial direction(0.02+3.5X/10000)µm X: distance from the center of rotation (mm)Rotational speed2, 4, 6, 10 rpmEffective diameter of the tableø 235mmø 200mmø 235mmø 200mmCentering/leveling mechanismA.A.TD.A.TA.A.TD.A.TCentering adjustment range±3mm±5mm±3mm±5mmLeveling adjustment range ±1°Maximum loading mass30kgMaximum probing diameter ø 300mmMaximum loading diameterø 580mmVertical movement(Z-axis column unit)Straightness of traverse (λc2.5)0.10µm/100mm0.15µm/300mm0.10µm/100mm0.25µm/500mmParallelism to the rotation axis (with respect to the generating line)0.7µm/300mm1.2µm/500mmMoving speedMaximum: 50mm/s (at measurement: 0.5,1.0, 2.0, 5.0 mm/s)Maximum probing heightAt OD measurement300mm500mmAt ID measurement300mm500mmMaximum probing depth (when using a standard stylus)ø 32×85mm (depth), ø7×50mm (depth)X axisStraightness (λc2.5)0.7µm/150mmPerpendicularity to the rotation axis (with respect to the generating line)1.0µm/150mmTravel range175mm (–25mm to +150mm from the rotation center)Drive speedMaximum: 30mm/s (at measurement: 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 5.0 mm/s)DetectorMeasuring forceApprox. 10 to 50mN, 1 to 5 stepsStylus tip form, materialø1.6mm CarbideDetection rangeStandard±400µm/±40µm/±4µmTracking±5mmOthersIn/out switching feature, Measuring force switching feature (5-step), Stylus angle graduations (±45°), Z direction collision detection function, sliding detector holder (3 positionings)OthersPower supply100-240VACRequired air pressure0.39MPaAir consumption (in normal state)30L/min in normal state (80L/min or more as air source)Main unit weight180kg200kg*1: Auxiliary stage for a low-height workpiece is required for the measurement 20mm or less from the table top.An inspection certicate is supplied as standard. Refer to page X for details.


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