K-18KMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.Application exampleContour measurement of a ø0.125 holeMeasuring form of micro gear teeth UMAP Vision System TYPE2SERIES 364 — Micro Form Measuring SystemRefer to UMAP Vision System (Catalog No.E14000) for more details.Detection signal after workpiece contactAmplitudeStylusWorkpieceDurationDetection signal before workpiece contactAmplitudeAmplitude reductionStylusWorkpieceDurationDetection of surface principle① In this drawing, the stylus is vibrating with a micro amplitude. When it does not come into contact with the workpiece as shown, the vibration state is maintained.② As the stylus comes into contact with the workpiece surface the vibration amplitude decreases as the contact increases. When the decreasing amplitude falls below a certain level, a touch-trigger signal is generated.•Ultrasonic micro probe, UMAPThe ultrasonic micro probe (UMAP) has the ability to sense the amplitude variability in a micro area and the optional contact points (15 to 300μm diameter) offer a large range of high accuracy measurement meeting a wide variety of specications.•Both high-accuracy sophisticated non-contact and contact measurement capabilities with one machineThis unit includes the UMAP and the non-contact type vision head. Until now, it was difcult to measure micro areas, but it is now possible with both contact and non-contact. ①②SPECIFICATIONS TYPE2Hyper UMAP302ULTRA UMAP404Measuring range (common to vision and UMAP)X-axis × Y-axis185×200mm285×400mmZ-axis175mm: UMAP101/103 180mm: UMAP107/110 185mm: UMAP130Measuring accuracy (Vision)E1X, E1Y(0.8+2L/1000)μm(0.25+L/1000)μmE1Z(1.5+2L/1000)μmRepeatabilityUMAP 101/103/107σ = 0.1 μmσ = 0.08 μmUMAP 110/130σ = 0.15 μmσ = 0.12 μmMicro probe, UMAPUMAP101StylusUMAP103 Stylus2mmø30μmø100μmø30μm16mmø300μmø15μmø300μmø70μm10mm9.5mmø100μm0.2mmø15μmUMAP110 StylusUMAP130 StylusUMAP107 Stylus5mmø70μmNominal diameterø200μmNominal diameterø80μmNominal diameterø53μmNominal diameterø24μmNominal diameterø9μm6.5mm


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