J-23JMicroscopesMicroscope lineups that systemize observation, measurement and processingMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.FS-70 seriesSERIES 378 — Microscope Unit for Semiconductor Inspection•Compact microscope unit equipped with an eyepiece observation section.Suitable for inspecting metal surfaces, semiconductors, liquid crystal substrates, resin, etc.•A versatile microscope head typically used as an OEM product suitable for tting to specialist machines, such as those designed for inspection and repair of semiconductor wafers using YAG (near-infrared, visible, near-ultraviolet, or ultraviolet) lasers*.* The performance and safety of the laser-equipped system products is not guaranteed. Applications: cutting, trimming, correcting, marking of semiconductor circuits / clearing & processing of thin lms (insulation lms), repairing (correcting failure) of liquid crystal color lters. Also suited for use as the optical observation section for a prober analyzing semiconductor failures. •Usable in infrared optical systems*.Applications: internal observation of silicon systems; spectral characteristics analysis using infrared.* An infrared source and infrared camera are necessary.•Models supporting BF (Bright eld), DF (Dark eld), Polarization, and Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) are available.•Koehler illumination equipped with an aperture diaphragm is provided as standard on the surface illumination optical system.•The inwardly slanting turret and ultra-long working distance objective lens maintains the high operability under the microscope. Koehler illumination is equipped with the aperture diaphragm as standard on the surface illumination optical system.FS70ZFS70LFS70L4*A parfocal manual turret, eyepiece and objective lens are optional.SPECIFICATIONSModel No.FS70FS70-THFS70ZFS70Z-THFS70LFS70L-THFS70L4FS70L4-THOrder No.378-184-1378-184-3378-185-1378-185-3378-186-1378-186-3378-187-1378-187-3Short base model No.FS70-SFS70-THSFS70Z-SFS70Z-THSFS70L-SFS70L-THSFS70L4-SFS70L4-THSOrder No.378-184-2378-184-4378-185-2378-185-4378-186-2378-186-4378-187-2378-187-4Focus adjustment50mm travel range with concentric coarse (3.8mm/rev) and ne (0.1mm/rev) focusing wheels (right / left)ImageErect imageOptical tube typeSiedentopf, adjustable interpupillary distance range: 51 - 76mmField number24mmTilt angle—0° - 20°—0° - 20°—0° - 20°—0° - 20°Optical pass ratioFixed type (Eyepiece/TV = 50/50)Switchable type (Eyepiece/Tube = 100/0: 0/100)Fixed type (Eyepiece/TV = 50/50)Switchable type (Eyepiece/Tube = 100/0: 0/100)Protective lter—Built-in laser beam lterTube lens1X1X - 2X zoom1XApplicable laser—1064/532/355nm532/266nmCamera mountC-mount (using optional adapter B*1)Use a laser with TV port.C-mount receptacle (with green lter switch)Illumination system, optionalReective illumination for bright eld (Koehler illumination, with aperture diaphragm) 12V 100W ber-optics, stepless adjustment, light guide length: 1.5mObjective, optional (for observation)M Plan Apo, M Plan Apo SL, G Plan ApoObjective, optional (for laser-cutting)—M/LCD Plan NIR, M/LCD Plan NUVM Plan UVLoading *214.5kg13.6kg14.1kg13.2kg14.2kg13.5kg13.9kg13.1kgMass (main unit)6.1kg7.1kg6.6kg7.5kg6.4kg7.2kg6.7kg7.5kg*1: Installation is optional.*2: Loading on optical tube excluding weight of objective lenses and eyepiecesBulb replacement Standard: Halogen bulb (12V, 100W) (No.517181)For the fiber optics cable illumination unit (12V, 100W) (No.378-700)


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