H-18HMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.•Slim shape is suitable for space-saving designs.•The high rigidity ABS AT500-S series has vibration resistance, shock resistance and temperature control, the ABS AT500-H series offers excellent temperature control and high accuracy.•Scale alarm display LED allows for easy maintenance.•Supports the interfaces of various manufacturers allowing a variety of system congurations.Refer to the NC Linear Scale Systems (Catalog No.E13005) for more details.ABS AT500-SABS AT500-HLinear Scales ABS AT500SERIES 539 — Slim TypeABS AT5Resolution/ApplicablesystemTransmission methodNothing: Full duplex communicationA: Half-duplex communication*1: Please contact each manufacturer for details.Effective rangeReference point of expansion on the scale unit inuenced by temperature uctuation*C: Center of the effective rangeL: "+" side of the absolute valueR: "–" side of the absolute value* "L" or "R" is marked only for the high accuracy type. Type of the scale unitS: High rigidity typeH: High accuracy typeNote:"Reference point of expansion" The scale unit expands or contracts inuenced by the temperature uctuation. The mechanical reference point of expansion is dened as the reference point.*ABS AT5An inspection certicate is supplied as standard. Refer to page X for details.SPECIFICATIONSHigh rigidity typeHigh accuracy typeModelABS AT500-SCABS AT500-HCABS AT500-HL/HRResolution0.005μm*1/0.05μm(0.01μm for AT524 and 0.001μm for AT527 )Maximum response speed150m/min (72m/min for the H series whose resolution is 0.005μm)Effective range100 to 2200mm100 to 1000mm100 to 350mmAccuracy (20°C)*2(3+3L0/1000)μm(2+2L0/1000)μmReference point of expansion influenced by the temperature fluctuationCenter of the effective measuring lengthEdge of the effective measuring lengthHL: "+" side of the absolute valueHR: "–" side of the absolute value*1: The exact value is 0.0048828125μm since the 20μm signal is divided by 4096.*2: The indication accuracy does not include quantizing error. L0: Effective range (mm)Meaning of Model No.Model ResolutionApplicable systemABS AT5530.05μmFANUC Ltd.NC Control unitABS AT5550.005μmABS AT5430.05μmMitsubishi Electric CorporationMITSUBISHI CNC seriesABS AT5450.005μmABS AT543A0.05μmMitsubishi Electric CorporationMELSERVO seriesABS AT545A0.005μmABS AT573A0.05μmPanasonic Corporation, Motor Business UnitMINAS series*1ABS AT5030.05μmAmplifiers supporting Mitutoyo ENSIS interface*1(Nikki Denso Co., Ltd., Servoland corporation, PMAC Japan Co., Ltd.)ABS AT503AABS AT5050.005μmABS AT505AABS AT5240.01μmSiemens AGSINAMICS/SINUMERIK series (supporting DRIVE-CLiQ)ABS AT5270.001μm(Refer to page X for details.)


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