G-38GMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.Probe forMu-checkerPersonal computer (commercially available product)Programmable controller(commercially available product)Tolerance judgment output / BCD outputSegment output / RS-232C outputRS-232C outputEV-16AD-EVCalibration meterDIMENSIONSUnit: mmSERIES 519 6CH Mu-checker CounterEV-16A•The EV-16A counter unit provides multi-channel electronic micrometer functionality but without a display of the measurement results, which must be purchased separately. (See below.)• Up to six probes can be connected to one unit. Up to ten counters can be connected to one personal computer using the RS Link function to enable the conguration of a multi-point measurement system comprising a maximum of 60 gages.•I/O outputs for RS-232C, BCD, tolerance judgment and segment output are available.•Maximum, minimum and runout measurement between channels (in the same unit) is possible in addition to normal measurement on individual channels.SYSTEM CONFIGURATIONMain features• External control (Zero-set, Preset etc.)• Direction switching• Error messaging• Tolerance judgment output• Each data output (RS-232C, BCD, segment)• Peak measurement (maximum value, minimum value, runout) and arithmetic operation (addition, average, maximum value, minimum value, maximum width) between axesMitutoyo probes, EV-16A counters and D-EV display units combined with commercial controllers and personal computers enable construction of a powerful, multi-channel system that can be built to meet the needs of almost any measurement application.Pan head screw (M4, 8 pcs. standard accessories)Connecting bracket (4 pcs., standard accessories)4644144136445165161391616.54.5Fixing foot (4 pcs., standard accessories)519-355Refer to Catalog No. E13003 (Mu-checker) for more details.


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