G-16GMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.542-181Unit: mmLinear Gage SERIES 542 — Economical DesignLGF (0.1μm resolution)•0.1μm resolution type of reliable LGF series gage.•Excellent protection against dust and splashing water (IP66) on the factory oor.542-1823082.720.4DIMENSIONSConnector RM12BPE-6PH (HIROSE)Unit: mm(screw top height)10.6 or longer (stroke)Cable length, 2mDimensions with a thrust stem installedM9.5×0.5Attachment thread for thrust stemM9.5×0.5Clamp nut02ADB682Thrust stem02ADB681617.3ø8-0.009 012.334(129.5)61.546.915.482.712(13.8)ø9.5-0.015 0414.59.514.80.675.7146.9545.920.430Rubber boot26 or longer (stroke)Cable length, 2m(screw top height)M14×0.5Attachment thread for thrust stemDimensions with a thrust stem installedM18×1Thrust stemClamp nut02ADN37102ADB69221(24.2)ø18-0.018 05918.520.630.761.715-0.015 013.8(208.3)348.693.682.7114.76.522200.64.584.120.430Rubber bootOptional Accessories• Rubber boot (spare)For 10mm range models: 238772For 25mm range models: 962504For 50mm range models: 962505• Thrust stem setFor 10mm range models: 02ADB680Thrust stem: 02ADB681 Clamp nut: 02ADB682For 25mm range models: 02ADN370Thrust stem: 02ADN371 Clamp nut: 02ADB692* External dimensions are described in the dimensional drawing of the product.* Thrust stem set is a combination of thrust stem and a clamp nut. A special spanner is required for tightening. If using multiple gages, a thrust stem set for each gage and one special spanner are required.• Special spannerFor 10mm range models: 02ADB683For 25mm range models: 02ADB693• Extension cable (5m): 902434• Extension cable (10m): 902433• Extension cable (20m): 902432Refer to the Linear Gage (Catalog No.E13007) for more details.SPECIFICATIONSOrder No.542-181542-182Measuring range10mm (.4")25mm (1")Resolution0.1μmMeasuring accuracy (20°C)(0.8+L/50) μm (L=arbitrary measuring length (mm))Quantizing error±1 countMeasuring force Contact point downwards1.2N or less4.6N or lessContact point horizontal1.1N or less4.3N or lessContact point upwards1.0N or less4.0N or lessPosition detection methodPhotoelectric linear encoderResponse speed*1400mm/sOutput signal90° phase difference, differential squarewave (RS-422A equivalent)Minimum edge-to-edge interval, 200nsOutput signal pitch0.4μmMassApprox. 310gApprox. 350gDust/water resistance*2Equivalent to IP66 (only gage head)Contact pointø3mm carbide-tipped (fixing screw: M2.5 (P=0.45)×5), standard contact point: 901312Stem dia.ø8ø15Bearing typeLinear ball bearingOutput cable length2m (directly extended from the main unit)ConnectorPlug: RM12BPE-6PH (HIROSE), Compatible receptacle: RM12BRD-6S (HIROSE)Operating temperature (humidity) range0 to 40°C (RH 20 to 80%, no condensation)Storage temperature(humidity) range–10 to 60°C (RH 20 to 80%, no condensation)Standard AccessoriesWrench for contact point: 538610Wrench for contact point: 210187*1: When the spindle speed exceeds 400mm/s, an alarm signal will be output. Also, if using a Mitutoyo counter, an error message will be displayed. If using counters made by other companies, please consult your local Mitutoyo office. Note that over-speed error may occur depending on the impact amount when releasing the contact point freely.*2: IP Code is a standard which classifies and rates the degree of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects and water. This may not be applicable depending on the kind of liquid.542-181542-182*With thrust stem set (optional accessory) *With thrust stem set (optional accessory)


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