G-12GMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.33493650ø20 0–0.0137341720Stroke 102 or longerRubber boot67243.5473.52-ø4.5, ø9 depth 4HR10A-7P-6P (HIROSE)RM12BPE-6PH (HIROSE)Output cable length, 2m236Drive unit cable length, 2mUnit: mmSERIES 542 — Long Stroke / Motor-driven TypeLGM•Long stroke (100mm), motor-driven spindle.•Rubber boot type (made-to-order) is also available.•Resolutions are available in 0.1μm and 1μm.Output cable length, 2mDrive unit cable length (2m)2-ø4.5, ø9 depth 4RM12BPE-6PH (HIROSE)HR10A-7P-6P (HIROSE)1350–0.0130ø206191.5Stroke 102 or longerø642917344933736243.568Motor drive unit02ADG400 (standard accessory for LGM series main unit)• A unit to move the spindle of the LGM series forward and backward. Measuring forceCan be set with the rotary switch of the main unit (to one of the combinations of H/L and a number between 0 and 9) depending on the mounting position.External dimensions90 (W)×175 (D)×74 (H)mm (rubber boot excluded)External input signalSpindle retractSpindle extendExternal output signalSpindle stop signal at upper limitMassApprox. 700gPower supply100 - 240V ACOptional Accessories• Rubber boot: 02ADA004 (for rubber boot type)•Extension cable ( 5m) : 902434•Extension cable (10m): 902433•Extension cable (20m): 902432DIMENSIONS542-313542-313, -333542-315, -335Refer to the Linear Gage (Catalog No.E13007) for more details.SPECIFICATIONSTypeStandard spar typeRubber boot typeStandard spar typeRubber boot typeOrder No.542-313*542-315*542-333*542-335*Measuring range100mm (.4”)Resolution0.1μm1μmMeasuring accuracy (20°C)(2+L/100) μm ≤ 2.5μm L=arbitrary measuring length (mm)(2.5+L/100) μm ≤ 3μm L=arbitrary measuring length (mm)Quantizing error±1 countMeasuring forceContact point downwardsL3 (3.0N)L4 (4.5N)L3 (3.0N)L4 (4.5N)Contact point horizontalL7 (6.5N)Not applicableL7 (6.5N)Not applicableContact point upwardsH4 (9.5N)L9 (6.0N)H4 (9.5N)L9 (6.0N)Position detection methodReflection type photoelectric linear encoderResponse speed*1 (max. electrical response speed)Approx. 400mm/sApprox. 800mm/sOutput signal90° phase difference, differential squarewave (RS-422A equivalent)Spindle driveMotor driveSpindle guideBearing guideStem diameterø20Contact pointø3mm carbide-tipped (fixing screw: M2.5 (P=0.45)×5), standard contact point: 901312Shock resistance60g (in-house testing)Cable lengthApprox. 2m (directly extended from the gage unit)Spindle sealing methodScraper typeRubber boot typeScraper typeRubber boot typeDust/water resistance*2Equivalent to IP54Equivalent to IP66Equivalent to IP54Equivalent to IP66Operating temperature (humidity) range0 to 40°C (RH 20 to 80%, no condensation)Storage temperature (humidity) range–10 to 60°C (RH 20 to 80%, no condensation)Input/output connectorGage (counter output)Connector for counter: RM12BPE-6PH (HIROSE)Compatible receptacle: RM12BRD-6S (HIROSE)Gage (I/O for driving)Gage side plug: HR10A-7P-6P (HIROSE)Receptacle on motor drive unit: HR10A-7R-6S (HIROSE)Motor drive unit (for external control)Receptacle on motor drive unit: HR10A-10R-10S (HIROSE)Motor drive unit plug: HR10A-10P-10P (HIROSE)Mass (including cables)Approx. 940gApprox. 970gApprox. 940gApprox. 970gStandard Accessories Wrench for contact point: 210187Hexagon socket head cap screw, M4×0.7×35, 2 pcs. (for gage fixing)Round flat washer, nominal 4, 2 pcs. (for gage fixing)Motor drive unit: 02ADG400RemarksMotor-driven Type*1: The speed and measuring force are adjustable on the motor drive unit. Note that the rubber boot type cannot be used in the horizontal position.*2: IP Code is a standard which classifies and rates the degree of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects and water. This may not be applicable depending on the kind of liquid (only gage head). * To denote your AC power cable add the following suffixes to the order No.: A for UL/CSA, D for CEE, E for BS, C and No suffix are required for PSE.


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