E-18EMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.Gaging a bore using a pair of half round jaws and a holderMarking a workpiece using the base, a holder and the scriber pointSetting a bore gage using a holder with the pair of Type I half-round jaws arranged as at contact surfacesHolderThickness = 15mmWidth = 29.5mmFlatness tolerance of the nished surface 0.5μmFlatness tolerance of the bottom surface 1μmBase 619009Half round jawType I Type IIPlain jaw (B type) 619018*1Scriber point 619019Center point 619020Tram point 619021*1Triangular straight edgeFlatness tolerance of the nished surface 0.5μm*1 Qty: One pair (2 pcs)619004 =15 - 160mm619005 =20 - 250mmThe length () can be adjusted by attaching/removing the adapter.619002 = 15 - 60mm619003 = 5 - 100mm(range of use)(range of use)AdapterClampFinished surfaceHolder mount35±0.000835±0.000872105Holder mountFinished surface9ABDCMeasuring faceFinished surfaceCDBA9Measuring faceFinished surface16025°Measuring and nished surface920Flatness tolerance of the nished surface 1µmFinished surface5098.5Flatness tolerance of the nished surface 0.5µmEccentricity tolerance of the point ±10µmFinished surface5060°98.5Flatness tolerance of the nished surface 0.5µmEccentricity tolerance of the point ±10µmFlatness tolerance of the nished surface 0.5µmFinished surface5030°98.5LStraightness tolerance of the edge 1.2µm100mm (619022)160mm (N619023) 19.5(619023)1619.560° 16(619022)Unit: mmOrder No.TypeSizeABCD619010*1I22±0.00055.5407.5619011*155±0.000515.5457.5619012*188±0.000520508.5619013*1II1212±0.0005257513619014*12020±0.00052512520.5


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