D-49DMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.• ABS and INC measurement modes allow efcient operation.• Rigid structure makes instrument suitable for use in severe work environments.• The +/- measurement function widens the application range.• Allows integration into statistical process control and measurement systems. Refer to page A-3.• Battery: SR44 (1 pc), 938882. For initial operational checks (standard accessory)• Battery life is 5,000 hours under normal use.• Carbide-tipped scriber (No.900173 for Nos. 570-227 and 244, and No. 905200 for Nos. 570-230 and 248) is provided as a standard accessory. (Standard accessory: scriber cramp No. 901338 for Nos. 570-227 and 244, and No. 05GZA033 for Nos. 570-230 and 248)• When a dial indicator or test indicator is used with 570-227, the dedicated holding bar (953639, overall length 50mm) is recommended for use. However, instrumental error may be larger because the measurement point is further from the beam. • For precision Black Granite Surface Plates, refer to page E-51.ABSOLUTE Digimatic Height GageSERIES 570 — with ABSOLUTE Linear EncoderHeight GageA standard measuring tool of industryFunctionsZero-setting+/- directional measurementData holdData outputPresettinginch/mm reading (inch/mm models)Preset value memoryOrigin restorationLow battery voltage alertCounting value composition error alertOptional accessoriesFor details, refer to page D-39.Connecting cables for IT/DP/MUX905338: SPC cable with data button (1m)905409: SPC cable with data button (2m)USB Input Tool Direct06ADV380F: SPC cable for USB-ITN-F (2m)Connecting cables for U-WAVE-T02AZD790F: SPC cable for U-WAVE with data button (160mm)02AZE140F: SPC cable for footswitch(Refer to page X for details.)SPECIFICATIONSMetricOrder No.RangeResolutionFine feedAccuracy*RepeatabilityHeightMass570-2270 - 200mm0.01mm4mm±0.03mm0.01mm355mm1.4kg570-2300 - 1000mm6mm±0.07mm1260mm16.8kg* Excluding quantizing errorInch/MetricOrder No.RangeResolutionFine feedAccuracy*RepeatabilityHeightMass570-2440 - 8".0005" /0.01mm.16”±.002"0.01mm355mm1.4kg570-2480 - 40".24”±.003"1260mm16.8kg* Excluding quantizing error570-227


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