D-36DMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.• Can measure width of grooves and lands inside bores and recesses.Hook Type Vernier CaliperSERIES 536• The moving jaw can be rotated to measure sectioned shafts.• Allows step measurement. Swivel Vernier CaliperSERIES 536 — Moving Jaw type536-171536-172Inside-groove typeSPECIFICATIONSMetricOrder No.Range*AccuracyRemarks536-1710 - 200mm (10.1 - 200mm)±0.03mm—536-1720 - 200mm (2.1 - 200mm)±0.03mmwith ne adjustment* ( ): Dimension in inside measurementLDWPSFNtDIMENSIONS Unit: mmRangeDFLNPStW536-171*112—320—543.528536-172*228.5201*1: Inside measuring face is R5.*2: Inside measuring face is at.SPECIFICATIONSMetricOrder No.RangeAccuracyRemarks536-2120 - 200mm±0.05mmwith depth bar* with depth bar536-212DIMENSIONS Unit: mm33053.520.528816502542Jaw thickness: 3mmTechnical DataAccuracy:±0.03mm Graduation:0.02mmTechnical DataAccuracy:±0.05mm Graduation:0.05mmMore than ø30More than ø30


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