D-12DMitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benet of the latest technological advances.Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specication without notice.Measurement Applications1. Outside measurement2. Inside measurement4. Depth measurement3. Step measurementSPECIFICATIONSMetricOrder No.RangeDepth barRemarks530-1000 - 100mmø1.9mm rod—530-1020 - 150mm—530-101Blade—530-320Carbide-tipped jaws for outside measurement530-335Carbide-tipped jaws for outside and inside measurement530-122*High accuracy model: ±0.03mm530-1080 - 200mm—530-321Carbide-tipped jaws for outside measurement530-123*High accuracy model: ±0.03mm530-1090 - 300mm—530-322Carbide-tipped jaws for outside measurement530-124*High accuracy model: ±0.04mm530-5010 - 600mm——530-5020 - 1000mm* Graduation: 0.02mmMetric/Inch with metric/inch double scaleOrder No.RangeDepth barInch graduationRemarks530-1040 - 150mmBlade1/128"—530-3161/128"Clamping screw below the slider530-312*.001"High accuracy model: ±0.03mm530-1140 - 200mm1/128"—530-118*.001"High accuracy model: ±0.03mm530-1150 - 300mm1/128"—530-119*.001"High accuracy model: ±0.04mm* Graduation: 0.02mmInch with inch/inch double scale Order No.RangeDepth barInch graduationRemarks530-1050 - 6"Blade1/128"—530-1160 - 8"Technical DataAccuracy:±0.05mm (≤200mm), ±0.08mm (≤300mm) ±0.10mm (≤600mm), ±0.15mm (≤1000mm) High accuracy type: ±0.03mm (≤200mm), ±0.04mm (≤300mm) Graduation:0.05mm, 0.05mm (1/128”) or .001” (1/128”) High accuracy type: 0.02mm or 0.02mm (.001”)


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