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Founded Philippines Office
Founded Argentina Mitutoyo
Founded Vietnam Hanoi Office
Reorganized Mizonokuchi Development Center to Kawasaki Development Center.

Digital caliper with built-in absolute scale ABS coolant proof "CD-15GS"
CS-5000 integrated detector hybrid surface roughness & contour tester
Flexible measuring gage for workshop use "QM-Measure"
Norio Takatsuji was inaugurated as the Deputy Chairman of the Board
Kazusaku Tezuka was inaugurated as the President
Founded Shanghai Mitutoyo
Integrated display/digital cylinder gage-ABS digimatic cylinder gage "CG-D100"
Linear scales with absolute encoder "AT500" Series
CNC vision measuring machines "QVA (Quick Vision ACCEL)" Series
Compact CNC coordinate measuring machine "Crysta-Plus504"
Founded service office in Dong Guan City, Guang Dong Province, China
Founded Poland Mitutoyo
Founded Cholburi Office under Mitutoyo Thailand
Founded Mitutoyo Research Center Europe in the Netherlands
Founded Mitutoyo Czechoslovakia

Released moving-bridge-type CNC coordinate measuring machines "FALCIO-Apex2000/3000" Series
Released high-speed and high-accuracy CNC coordinate measuring machines "Crysta-Apex" Series
Released compact vision measuring machines "Quick Vision Elf" Series
Released manual coordinate measuring machines "Crysta-Plus M" Series
Released a micro part form measuring system "UMAP Vision System"
Released 2D vision measuring machines "QUICK IMAGE" Series
Released roundness contour measuring machine "RA-1500" and hybrid surface measuring machine "CS-3000"
Showroom was renamed to M3 Solution Center ('Em Cube' Solution Center)
Released world's first CNC form measuring instruments series
Released digital height gage with built-in absolute scale
Released IP65 coolant-proof micrometer and IP66 coolant-proof caliper
Integrated Akashi Corporation, Meiho Engineering Limited, and Meioh Giken Limited
Organized the Mitutoyo exhibition in commemoration of 70th anniversary based on the theme of "Innovation for the Future"
Implemented large-scale corporate reorganization aiming for market-oriented sales system
Obtained ISO/IEC 17025 Field Calibration Service Certification
Founded Tianjin Mitutoyo
Founded Mitutoyo Hungary

Released high-throughput inline type coordinate measuring machine "MACH-V" Series Released one-handed operation "Ratchet Thimble Micrometer" Released ultimate ABS coolant-proof caliper "Super Caliper" Released high-performance digimatic indicator "ID-H" Released column-moving CNC surface roughness measuring system "SV-3000CNC" Released world's highest precision measuring microscopes "Hyper MF/MF-U" Released products providing extremely high?output, non-contact CNC vision measuring systems "Quick Vision Stream and Quick Vision Stream Plus" Series Released digital calipers with IP67 protection level "CD-67-PS" series
Founded Mitutoyo Indonesia
Developed minute form measuring system "NANOCORD-UMAP"
Released laser scanning micrometer "LSM-500S Series"
Released large CNC coordinate measuring machine "Crysta-Apex C1600/2000 Series"
Released horizontal CNC coordinate measuring machine "CarbStrato/CarbApex Series"
Released ceramic straightness masters "SMC Series" and silent type vibration testing machine "UME200"
Released handy vibrometer "AHV-1000BU"
Consolidation of Mitutoyo and MSTI Corporations
Mitutoyo Taiwan Established M3 Solution Center CNINA (SUZHOU).
Mitutoyo Mexicana Established M3 Solution Center Monterrey.
Tomohide Numata was inaugurated as the Chairman & President.
Masashi Sakamoto was inaugurated as the Vice President.
Gauge Blocks with Thermal Expansion Coefficient Now on Sale.
Micro-Vickers Hardness Testing Machine HM200 Series Put on the Market.
Profile Projector PJ-H30 Series Currently on the Market.
The ethical behavior criterion of the MITUTOYO group is enacted.
Mitutoyo Shanghai established Chengdu Office.
The service divisions of Mitutoyo Suzhou and Mitutoyo Shanghai are integrated, and it becomes Mitutoyo Shanghai (technological service part).
Masashi Ssakamoto was inaugurated as the President.
Released CNC Vision Measuring Machine "Quick Vision" series renewedly
Released IP 67 "ABS Coolant Proof Caliper"
Released small roundness measuring machine "Roundtest RA-10" and "Roundtest RA-120"
Released ultimate digital micrometer "QuantuMike"
Toru Nakagawa was inaugurated as the President.

Founded Mitutoyo Europe
Established Mitutoyo Hangzhou Office in Shanghai
Released a handheld, on-site surface roughness measuring instrument “SJ-210 series”.
Released measurement data input unit “USB Input Tool Direct USB-ITN”.
Released fully remodeled inside diameter measurement tools “Bore Gage”.
Released CNC coordinate measuring machines STRATO-Apex700/900 series
Released Rockwell hardness testing machines HR-100 to 400 series
Launched non-contact line laser probe SurfaceMeasure606 for CNC coordinate measuring machines
Released roundness / cylindricity measuring system RA-1600
Released CNC coordinate measuring machines CRYSTAApex700/900 series
Launched High Accuracy Digimatic Micrometer (0.1 micrometer resolution)
Released Countour Measuring Systems CONTRACER CV-4500 Series.
Released Micro Vickers Hardness Testing Machines HM-200 Series.
Released ABS Solar-Powered Digimatic Indicator ID-SS.
Established Mitutoyo RUS LLC.
Established Mitutoyo Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Established Mitutoyo Romania SRL.
Mitutoyo Scandinavia AB established Finnish Branch.
Released Portable Surface Roughness Tester SURFTEST SJ-310/410 Series.